Tutorial: Setting up Finale on Mac

Most of the features of music21 work the same no matter whether you’re working on a Mac or PC, use Finale or Lilypond, make graphics or just analyze scores. But some features of music21 require external applications to do their job, and music21 needs to find these applications. Often the software can find them itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. The most common scenario is that you are a Mac user who has Finale installed on your system but music21 isn’t finding it. Here’s how you can help it along:

Start python by typing ‘python’ in the Terminal app. Then type the following commands to create a user environment for music21 and change the musicxml reader path.

>>> from music21 import *
>>> us = environment.UserSettings()
>>> us.create()  
>>> us['musicxmlPath']  
'/Applications/Finale Reader.app'
>>> us['musicxmlPath'] = '/Applications/Finale 2009/Finale 2009.app' 

if you discover that you made a mistake in the filename, do what you did above, but you can skip the us.create() step (as well as the next step, which just lets you see what you’ve currently done)

Further Details

For further details on setting up your Environment, see: usersGuide_24_environment.

For complete instructions on installing music21 on the Mac, see: Installing Music21 on Mac.